S Y M F 0 N Y

25 04 2007

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First look, its difficult, second looks , kinda fun. But then, whaaa its troublesome
May be coz reaaaalllyyy uneasy to change our mindset just in a clap! From procedural method to object oriented, even more..

The simplest way to describe symfony is

PHP + ORM-Database + Pear + CLI + Propel (ORM-engine)+Phing + YML

i have working on it since couple weeks ago, not really much improvement I’ve got.(or just the lazy me :p).

Symfony, is one of existing PHP framework that said able to speed up develop and maintain an enterprise scale website applications. Applicable in Windows® and UNIX environment (as far as i know). Combining those methods into a single package called symfony. Its combination of most recent web technologies (that i know :P)

As if it said

Forget scripting, use automate generated script, database model, class and methods. Forget XML use YML. Forget functions use methods!

Has lot of features, include cache, validation, email, rss, smart URL, debugging, automate CRUD generation, independent templating-configuration-validation-rule for each module, in full object oriented framework.

sounds fun eh..
knowledge sharing just IM me, here: http://mail.opi.yahoo.com/online?u=mail4hanif&m=g&t=0




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