File-01: S. M. S

30 04 2007

I start writing this post when i’m watching “Heroes“. The show tells the story of several people who “thought they were like everyone else… until they woke with incredible abilities” such as telepathy, time travel and flight. Unlike one of them, i have no (yet) abilities to fly, telepathy, time travel, regeneration, etc. But what i do have is questions thats had giggling inside my head since long time ago. X-files of me. I think its time to tell the world. It’s time to find the answers.

Short Message Service a.k.a SMS, a telco service that kills my Father company that’s it, postal service!

But i wont tells U bout how my father die, or how SMS invented. Its bout a SMS I received couple weeks earlier from my fiance. Here it goes:

hon al lg denger be my kangen ali..
13:05 16-APR-07

Thats it! I received that message in Monday, 16th April 2007. And i don’t reply that message! (unromantic me 😛 ) First i thought she’s in her office. In rain. Listen to Sandy’s music. And miss me 😳

And in our next conversation, she neither me not discussed bout the SMS. But three days later she told me that she’s sorry, coz miss-send the SMS. She said that she wrote the SMS exactly the same that i received three days ago. And the torn in a flesh thats she miss-send it to her X.{aargh 😡 } She realize that she miss-send the SMS when her “that” replies back the message.

Kinda weird to me, i got the SMS on the day she haven’t send it. There’s a possibility but the mystery is much more exists.

You can’t see through the mist, and you couldn’t know what hidden behind it





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