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20 05 2007

The minus of using w*rdPr*ss is its limitations in changing the layout, colors, and content (widgets) (!@*#&^!-#%!@*~`*) but (thanks God) they give customization on image header, and that’s it 😦

My pal, Wira spent this weekend at our office in Bandung and he brought his Canon EOS 350D. So, we do a little “research” using it 🙂 , taking pictures of any objects (notice the “s” :P, katrok mode: ON) and also sharpen my skill on professional photography. We got few cool images during the research. I’ll upload few on this gallery (if only if I not forget :D) later.

One of those pic is this Gaara of the dessert picture taken on the grass yard on the front of our office. With a little touch of Photoshop(R) and wala… u can see the result on my new Header. Still rough on the loop :(, hope increasing this blog Page Impressions 😀

Enjoy Ur life, be fresh.




2 responses

21 05 2007

Proudly, you use one of (I am afraid it’s the only one :P) my great picture to be the header. Seems like I have talent to be a photografer, ha ha.
Next time we hunt more object to be captured.
Nice header, bro.

26 05 2007

ya, it’s nice 🙂

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