New camera :D

19 06 2007

Sony DSC S650

At last…

recently i had my own brand new digital camera. Its Sony DSC S650 7.2 Megapixels. I got 30% off for this cam. How? that’s my little secret pal 😛 and its 100% new *thanks, snefera*

User friendly camera – Although it came with no accessories *sigh* and not CarlZeiss lenses *doh* i can get fast into it’s menu and advanced settings.

[-] Big fat body and (too) long lenses
[-] lame at poor light condition
[-] No batteries, no memory card, no silica gel, no anti scratch protection on LCD included, and no softcase bonus *or I just expecting too much 😛 *

[+] Ease of use
[+] 10 modes of shoot (incl. video)
[+] burst mode
[+] came with 3 languages of manual *does it matter?*
[+] plug n play USB connect
[+] quick start
[+] 2MB internal storage *just 7 images of full 7.2 MP acceleration, ishould put it in [-] 😦

the minuses haunt me in my sleepless night. So i decided to do some upgrades, which I realized thats mean a threat to my financial plan 😦

First, i realized my reckless habit so i put an anti-scratch protection for my cam LCD which is on the back side of cam.

Second, i got a softcase from my brother (in moldy condiotions, yuck) which he used to use it as his battery case. With a hard wash will look like new 🙂 and saves me almost 100k

The most critical thing of cam lifetime, a batteries, i decide not to put any others batteries to my SONY, just use SONY NiMH rechargeable batteries. And thats cost me 150k, 30k more expensive then the other batteries.

Then i bought a bag of silica gel, and i still don’t know how to used it till now 😦
Last but absolutely not the least, the MemoryStickDuo. I (not actually) preffered 1Gigs of MSDuo. If i had more budget, i’ll take 2Gigs one, its only 70k difference.

Well thats complete SONY DSC S650..

And what a coincidence, i would attend several wedding invitations in next couple weeks. First one it Posters Hotel for my dad friends daughter wedding. Her groom is from the army, so an ritual called “pedang pora” will be held. There, i took some shots, and have a chance to have a picture with Mr. Hana Suryana, President of PT. Pos Indonesia and also was my dad colleague. And in7th of july i got invited (on behalf of my classmates) to my best friend wedding in Jakarta, it would be wonderful coz my mates will married to top celebrity (sorry cant tell).

See ya




2 responses

20 06 2007

congrat bro!
Beruntung lah si wira bisa maen golf 🙂

23 06 2007

huh? wira? golfing? whew…

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