25 07 2007

Ada kejadian. Tidak bisa saya sebut (entah) lucu atau menjengkelkan.

Begini, di kampus kami jika anda ingin registrasi untuk semester baru, anda akan diminta menginputkan matakuliah yang akan anda ambil pada semester ini (web based…okeeey…) Setelah anda menginputkan, maka sistem akan mencetak semacam bon tagihan (well..) jumlah yang harus anda bayar untuk semester ini. Setelah itu kami harus berjalan kuranglebih seperempat kilo ke “Bank Cabang Kampus”, membayar, (dan) kembali ke tempat anda registrasi memberikan bukti kalau anda sudah setor dan anda akan diberikan kartu mahasiswa (dulu) dan kartu studi mahasiswa (sebenernya bukti udah bayar tagihan dan kadang berguna jika kita lupa kita kuliah apa semester ini dan menghindari salah masuk kelas).

Nah, untuk proses registrasi saja perlu olah raga ngantri dan jalan santai setengah kilo. Belum lagi kalo syaratnya kurang.

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My Grumbling

20 07 2007

There’s a time when you feel uncomfortable with your working environment. Especially with people around you that make you so. I felt it recent days. Read the rest of this entry »

my birthday’s gift

17 07 2007

Happy birthday….for me…..


It’s my 23rdBday.. huhuhuhu start gettin older.. and older…
A day before my Bday I caught in a fight with my fiance 😦 all night long…
But really pleased we can get along before midnite 🙂 and u wish me have a happy Bday at exact 14th of July. Read the rest of this entry »

Site reviews:

14 07 2007

expensrexpensr is a free online personal finance application. expensr is currently in beta so let us know what kind of features you’d like to see!
The founders
expensr is founded by Reman Child and Shawn Gupta. As working professionals, they needed a fast and easy way to track their spending habits. After complaining to each other over lunch one day about not knowing where all their money went, they decided to do something about it. That’s how expensr was born. The founders still have trouble putting money away, but at least now they know where it all goes.
See the testiomonials

Expensr’s still very new, but it looks like a promising, stripped-down online alternative to wrestling with Quicken or Microsoft Money on your desktop.

What Expensr has going for it is simplicity, speed, ease of use, and cost. It’s free. It looks like a solid solution for a young adult’s simple finances. (cnet)

Being able to import my statement and edit it was simple and fun. Being able to define my categories also made me feel like I was in control of the information rather than the other way round.

Helena, expensr user

Online personal finance application, manages your income and log your outcome for better management. Friendly GUI with AJAX support and its simplicity on design.

[vid] Hacking everywhere: elevator

13 07 2007

You lived in ten stories building and get annoyed when you get up late for a meeting, your elevator stop in every floor? Try this little hack to your elevator. This manage your elevator straight to the floor you desired. Works in 90% of elevator. Watch it here Read the rest of this entry »

Wikipedia can do nine things

13 07 2007

You probably know Wikipedia as the world’s largest encyclopedia, suitable for research on most any topic. You know you can look up terms, but what you may not know is that Wikipedia features a ton of other information that can do a lot more than help you with that research paper. Wikipedia can also be a:


  1. TV Episode Guide. Just search for “list of ____ episodes” with the name of the show, and you will see every episode catalogued and summarized, often with trivia and other factoids.
  2. Cliffs Notes Replacement. Don’t want to read that weighty tome for your literature class? Don’t worry, Wikipedia is on your side. Just type in the name of the book, and you will be presented with a plot summary, themes, symbols, and other in-depth analysis.
  3. Learning Activities. This is from Wikiversity, a Wikipedia sister site. Whether you are a student wanting extra practice for a difficult subject or a teacher looking for homework assignments or handouts for your students, Wikiversity provides tutorials and worksheets on subjects ranging from AJAX programming to Philosophy. Wikiversity is currently woefully incomplete, but many subject have lengthy, well-written tutorials.
  4. Stock Images Collection. Need royalty-free stock images for your next web design or desktop publishing project? Turn to Wikimedia Commons, where you can browse images by subject, licence, or author. So if you need, for example, a radioactive Diderot for that big presentation to the investors, you’re all set.
  5. Music Database. Want to discover new music? Wikipedia has extensive cataloguing of music by genre, making it easy to find similar bands to those you already like.
  6. Time Capsule. Want to know what people thought of a topic years ago? Wikipedia archives all changes, so simply by clicking on the “history” tab on top of the page and then “Earliest” on the very bottom you can see an article as it was written years ago. Aside from demonstrating the fluid and ever-changing nature of Wikipedia, but also offers a glimpse into how people thought years ago. The value of this technique will increase over the years as Wikipedia gets older.
  7. Future Planner. Just as it can go backward in time, Wikipedia can also go backward forward. Wikipedia has articles stretching far into the next millennium. Want to see what you need to schedule for 2008? How about the World Cup in 2038? And be sure(assuming you’ve reached immortality) to pencil in the unsealing of that time capsule in 8113 AD.
  8. Trend Tracker. Perhaps even more important than what people are searching for on Google or other search engines is what people are researching. This page show the most popular Wikipedia articles. For example, following the Super Bowl, a lot of people went to research Prince,whose search numbers spiked recently. A list of sexual positions, however, remains an all-time favorite. Which brings us to our next and final topic:
  9. Teacher of Sex Positions. The list is more comprehensive than most books on the topic, complete with pictures. Hell, you can even use Wikipedia to look for porn.

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10 Hoax Misi Apollo di Bulan

13 07 2007

Beberapa rekaman video Apollo menunjukkan bahwa bendera Amerika berkibar-kibar . Bagaimana mungkin? Bukankah tidak ada angin di bulan yang hampa udara?
Ini adalah satu hal yang paling menggelikan. Pada semua video yang ditampilkan bendera berkibar-kibar pada saat astronot menggoyangkan tiang bendera. Jelas sekali dia memutar dan menggoyang tiangnya, yang membuat bendera bergerak-gerak. Faktanya , pada beberapa video gerakan bendera tidak sama dengan yang kita lihat sehari-hari di bumi. Pada atmosfir gerakan bendera terkesan lembut dan cepat karena tekanan udara. Pada video Apollo gerakan memutar tiang bendera membuat gerakan mengepak yang kaku dan lamban.
Banyak yang mengklaim bahwa foto-foto Apollo menunjukkan bendera yang berkibar-kibar. Bisa diduga bahwa riak dan kerutan di bendera yang dianggap kibaran bendera. Bendera dipasang secara vertikal pada tiang bendera dan secara horizontal dari batang perpanjangan yang ada dibagian atas(liat gambar aja biar jelas). Saat itu bendera dalam keadaan tidak dibentangkan sempurna, sehingga ada riak-riak.
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