my birthday’s gift

17 07 2007

Happy birthday….for me…..


It’s my 23rdBday.. huhuhuhu start gettin older.. and older…
A day before my Bday I caught in a fight with my fiance 😦 all night long…
But really pleased we can get along before midnite 🙂 and u wish me have a happy Bday at exact 14th of July.

And a already got my first birthday gift a week before, I got “Advance” MP3 player. Wow it’s really surprising. The thing i wish to have it since long time ago. The features are:

  • sleek design
  • JUST 1 AAA 1.5V batteries
  • Jog stick control (very ease to control the player while u driving)
  • USB 2.0 (fast data transfer)
  • 2GB capacity
  • support WMA &WAV (and mp3 offcourse) file format
  • FM Radio
  • store favorite stations
  • record from radio
  • Voice recorder

Wonderful isn’t it? hehehe just what i need…thank you sugar..

here some snapshot of my new awesome MP3

Because of my Bday on Saturday, and on Sunday i have an exam. So on Saturday, i tied up with exercises. I’m so willingly to pas this college exam. And I and my fiance agreed to go on date on Sunday.

So on Sunday, with extra spirit boost from my love 🙂 i took the exam. And finished at 12:3.0. FYI: my brother took the exam too. I took the extension program and my brother the regular ones. (wish us luck 🙂 ) After the exam I went home, and look what i found
huehehehe my cat,,,Luna, sleeping over the my neighbor VolksWagon Beetle roof 😛 he’s so cute Luna is not a girlish name, i named so because his got three fur color (tilu warna in sundaneese).

With my fiance, we head to pizza house, and have stuffedcrust bulgogi, blueberry milkshake and cola lunch there 🙂 . At the Pizza house, my fiance gave ame another gift, wow, so surprising. A cool blue Folker sweatshirt…hehehehe u guys can start jealous ….AND……a new nice, thin, black wallet for replacing my stone age ones…..okay u can start another jealous now… heres some snapshot of the gift

after the lunch, we heading to CiWalk on northern bandung..

I have reserved tickets for Harry Potter “order of phoenix” movies on CiWalk XXI theater. As You can see here the alley covered with thick (i mean thick) carpet, and it has a neat bathroom too (it’s important though). After the great movies, we went home. And thats my another beautiful day with my lovely one. Thank you for the prays, thank you for the time, thank you for being here with me. Love you always..

And at the monday,with my office mates we went to BSM 21 cineplex for Die hard 4 (die). Itas a great movie too, full throttle :).

Some thing weird going on here guys. I watched Harry’s at theater 1 at CiWalk and Bruce’s theater 4 at BSM. 1-4 -> 14 (its my birthdate) :).

Coincidentally? Weird? i leave it to You guys.




2 responses

25 07 2007

Slamat ulang tahun semoga panjang umurrrrrr hehe met kenalan

27 07 2007

thankyou, U yang menang hadiah dari G2G itu kan
salam knal juga

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