My Grumbling

20 07 2007

There’s a time when you feel uncomfortable with your working environment. Especially with people around you that make you so. I felt it recent days. Starts from when we go to Jakarta for my class mate wedding. He (the jerk) sudden cancel his attend to come, what??!?!? argh, sh*t, thats mean we have to pays more for the accommodation (car rent, gas, meals, hotels, etc) the cost which suppose to divide by 7 now is divided by 6, if 10k it would be not a problem, but if 1m, that,s another story. And he cancel it for no obvious reason or explanation to others. Thats describes his disrespectful to the mates who got married, unwilling to build silaturhim relation with another Moslem’s.

Okay, then we gone to Jakarta and Cirebon, which is very nice trip. And we went back home at 9pm on Sunday. Nobody at home, but i found a oily chips on my cubicles, flood over my friends final projects, damn! and another cassava chips just leave opened in my friend cubicle. I don’t have o bother to know who did this. And by the morning i found him, sleeping ugly right beside my cubicles, which make me cannot reach my computer for God sake! And the ugly story continues, after his waking up, get a cowboy bath(we called so because it just washing the face with water from faucet) get the bike, and leave, just leave with his mattress still on the spot, blanket and drools (maybe) bend over behind of my cubicle. Okay, we have an office boy to take care of it, but did he think office boy task is just to take care his drools, mattress and blanket, did he thinks that could make office boy job lot much time consuming? damn! what a such no responsibility shown by management level employee”, please…(with sarcastic tone).

I was warned for felt a sleep while working, but i have seen him slept during office time too, in the room full of people, considering him as senior, as a “vice president” (have a told you that he has change his position several times this year- from commissioner, vice president, analyst, blah- we don’t know sure what his position, or he not sure what his position, and as far i seen it, no rule he played on every position i mentioned, just tells every one what to do, get pissed when he task not on schedule, going to his homeland almost every month, while he busy with his own chat windows, online conferences, workshop, with no incremental results for the company, and definitely not encouraging the staff with their task, don’t mention the respect, it’s none) .

Have i told you guys that he had a bike? which he never brought it to service station, never cleaned up, and always point his finger to other to do things i mentioned earlier. Got pissed when his bike get ugly, i thinks its natural his bike gettin ugly, he never checks it to the service station.

Its a dilemma, my supervise, someone is should respect, which was my friend, now just consider me as a staff, lower ranked officer, he is losing my respect. And not in my capacity to argue with him. I have my own opinion, my own mind, my own heart. And this is what i believe as a person, as a worker, an as a Moslem’s in common.

Don’t Correct me if I’m Right.

Feel just wanna leave from here




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23 07 2007


23 07 2007
Oskar Syahbana

I also have this same dilemma. I know a guy that always ridicule anyone who come to the meeting late, but when there’s another important meeting next week, he decided that he won’t come to the meeting because he wanted to watch an auto-show.


2 08 2007
kiddy(i know u know)

stay cool buddy.
There are a lot of happiness beside your grumbling.
and about your senior…. i just want to say…
let it be…
he will grow, he will married, he will be a father that makes more responsible from now and thinking before acting.

soooo, take it easy my friend……..

2 08 2007
Ali Hanifa

hehehe i know he’ll gettin married soon without telling us the big day.

huehehehe, i remain calm.

But i will laugh enjoying sees him get frustrated after married, hahahaha.

He’s usually do anything with his paethetic logic, after married you must do it with your heart, empathy, and well considered. Don’t think our wife will follow every word of what we spoken, they have a will, ideas and they own reasons too. Our duty the husbands to understand thus and being a decision maker for the family.

7 08 2007

Yups, you’re right.
as husband, we have to leads our family with our heart, empathy, knowing each other, respect to the others , etc.

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