14 09 2007


Dear Allah,
The Most Kind The Most Merciful, The most Powerful and Wealthy
There’s no suitable words to return your kindness
To put me in this holly month of all
To regret my sins
To allow me, to cry,
To give a momentum,
fulfill my syahadah,
fix my prays,
pay my alms,
fill my breath with Your holly names only..

Dear Allah,
You gave us a great alert to my homeland
Alert of our greed
Alert of our ego
Alert for worshiping lust
Just before we come in to your Ramadan

Dear Allah,
Please strengthened  our promise
That there will be only You and Your Messenger in our heart
Please protect and empower us from Your enemies
Blaze the spirit to against our lust, hate and greed

Bismillah rahmaan rahiim




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