Couple Dozen of me

12 07 2008

Long time ago, when i’m 6 years old, I imagine that would need three times my age now to have an ID. That’s mean i have to life since I was born till six three times to get an ID 🙂 .

But now, my age has reach couple dozen ❗ Phew, how fast time goes by.

This year, my lovely one gave me a LOTS of birthday gifts! More than my age itself 🙂

  1. In early July, beggining of summer season, and rage cold at night, Ala gave me a small Doraemon pillow. With verry nice color, verry comfortable.
  2. Very warm brown blanket with classic image car printed on the blanket. Nice, retro and classic. Now i don’t have to worry get cold at night anymore.
  3. Then few days later, when im visiting her, she gave me another suprise, A black dual sided fabric jacket (black and grey), tuxedo style. Its, tidy, cool, and neat ❗ The things i wanted so long time ago, but never had a time to bought it.
  4. SMS. Although just a message, but its meaning verry deep for me. Thanks hon..
  5. free image host This number four present and the rest present given on 14th of July. Its wrapped in yellow paper. The first one from all the prestnt is Nightmare Before Christmas indoor slippers . Here some picture of em
    free image hostfree image hostfree image host
  6. free image host Next is, bear in a tube phone strap, cute blue bear isnt it 🙂 BUT it’s not jus a phone stap bear, it has zodiac sign on it’s chest. Gemini. Why because according to new zodiac, my zodiac is Gemini.
  7. free image hostI wanted this thing since long time ago. A BIG nail clipper. Coz n regular size nail clipper wont work well on me 😛
  8. free image hostThis is Ryuk from Death Note manga phone strap. Its so detailed. Ryuk is my fav character in Death Note. Now it officially become Ala’s Fathers Motorcycle Keychain  🙂
  9. free image hostMaybe i would like this if i was a flannel doll hehehe. Yup this is a flannel hand made yellow shirt boy doll, therea also a tiny string to use it as phone strap. The size? its as big as my L7 Phone 😀
  10. free image hostfree image host I like chocolate, no i have forever choclate. Its a choclate shaped storage boxes, but thats not it, it smells choclate 😉
  11. free image host Socks. Useful if I forget where did I put the other socks. 😛
  12. free image host Man’s tank Top 🙂 weeell.. to be honest, it’s my first tank-top 😳
  13. free image hostfree image host Doraemon flashes shaker. Its a Shaker, it has doraemon’s head and it flashes. Maybe not quite suitable for my age, but i’ll keep it for the babies 😉 Look at it action when flashing 
  14. free image host Ever heard of mechanic pencils:?: how about mechanic coloured pencil ❓ well, i got one now 😈
  15. free image host Its called magical Plant. When U plnt it, i’ll grows with “I Love U” marks on it seed. Cool
  16. free image host Bikers glove, very useful to keep my palm warm in night ride mode. Hehehe, and avoid striped skin color in wrist caused by day ride.
  17. free image host Another Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. Its a brown phone strap, complete with coffin miniature. Now it’s officially my Moto L7 phone strap 😉
  18. free image host Reader Digest Indonesia July 2008 Edition. Yep, i need a LOT of reading these days. To keep me away from bad influences and upgrade my knowledge. And she know what best reading for me 😉
  19. free image host Bernard The Curious Polar Bear DVD and The Simpsons Game. Its a compilation of Bernard Bear clips. VERRY Funny clips ❗ Now I have full of 90 minutes of Bernard clips ❗ The simpsons Games its a present from Alfi, my Fiance’s brother. Thanks bro 🙂
  20. free image host I point my self as a creative person. And i hate when I face condition that difficult for me to being creative. Now I don’t have to worry bout the utensils of being creative. Now I have a set of stappler complete with it’s refill, scissor, paper and punch holer 🙂
  21. free image host Flannel Crab with “Happy 24”. I guess it mean Happy 24th birthday, but also encourage me to be happy 24 hour a day 🙂 It sticked on the wrappers.
  22. free image host All messages sticked with a colourful notes and lovely words 😀
  23. free image hostfree image host A birthday cake, complete with berries, white cream topping and “Happy Birthday” garnish on top of the cake. And the best part is, it long last. Why ❓ Coz it made of flannel. Handmade by my fiance, just for me. 🙂
  24. Last but not the least. Her Smile and family support to our relationship. What could be more important than that  🙂

Happy Birthday me, keep in great spirit.




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21 07 2008

banyak bener boss… Bisa tu disharing ke sebelah 😛

25 07 2008
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