My future baby girl??

23 07 2008

I found a new site, it generate baby face from our and our partner photo.

All you have todo is signing up, activate your acount via e-mail, login and start making babies 😛

If you ended as a throwing target because your mates don’t wanna share her/ his photo, dont be worry, theres lot of actress and actors photos ready to use and make babies with u 😛

And one more thing. This site dosnt consider if u were GAY or STRAIGHT. U still can make baies with Bruce Willis, Jhonny Depp, Angelina Joie, and many moore.

I submitted photo of me and ala. And this is the result

She had my big jawbone, her’s big eyes and her’s BIG SMILE 😀 .

Nice algorithm ❗

But still, Innalillah wa innaillaihi raji’uun.Evething made by Allah, and wil be taken by Allah.



One response

27 07 2008

kadang ngeri ye hasilnya, ga proporsional antara kiri dan kanannya huakakakakakakak

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