24 06 2009

Wit my previous post looks like a countdown isn’t it 😀

This Monday its our 44th monthiversary. 44 already?

Kata orang, durasi Cinta: 3 tahun 2 bulan 7 hari dan 3 jam. Artinya kita sudah melewati masa itu, apakah kami sekarang tidak cinta ❓ jawabnya tidak ❗  Tidak demikian ❗ karena setelah hormon cinta mereda, yang terisa hanya kasih sayang. love struck

Ya , Ya Rahmaan Ya Rahiim. Mudahkanlah kami, ridhailah kami. Tempatkan rasa sayang kami di sisi Mu yang suci. Mudahkan kami untuk segera menikah. Karena hanya Engkau satu-satunya tempat kami memohon dan meminta.

roseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroserose Ali sayang Ala roseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroserose

kisskisskisskisskisskiss 44 months, but it feels like @ 1# time I met U kisskisskisskisskisskiss

sometimes I being bad
letting You down.

But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night
Allow me to get you right
Want you warm up to me



22 06 2009

Bukan tahun kemerdekaan lho..

Bukan pula rute metromini Pulo Gadung – Jatiwaringin (045)

Tapi umur baru yang akan melekat di seseorang yang selama empat tahun terakhir mewarnai jalan hidup Ali dan Ala.

Happy birthday Mrs Ratna, Ala’s mom.. party

It’s quite difficult though, looking a present for “a mom”. Books? she dont hav time to read, even she dislike reads.. A box of chocolate? wine? roses? I prefer give it to my fiancee. I thought about a kitchen utensils. So I went to hardware store, looking for stuff that i think will fit to her, bhew…after several lap over kitchen utensils rack, quite dizzy though,  not as easy as I imagine. My consideration is, I doubt if she were need or like my present. She could buy anything she wants to, rite? it got uneasily decided to what present that I should give fo her. Then, my fiancee calls on the phone

She’s planning for a birthday surprise party, and ask me a favour to bring some ice cream. dancingoh yeah..

Nice plan hon..love struck lovin it love struck

On the way to the ice cream store, i passed a night market. There’s a Martabak stand, Ala’s mom fave. So i drop off a while, order a mango cheese martabak. FYI, martabak is Indonesian thick crepes stuffed with meat or cheese, chocolate, banana, anything sweets, combined. I can tell you, thats the best martabak stand i ever know. The chef, a talented, perfectionist chef you wont find anywhere else. The taste? don’t ask! rock on!

So I continue my journey, to the ice cream store.

Not far from ice cream store i met my luv wit her brader. Buy stuff for the party. After i got my ice cream, we gathered in one of close neighbour house, preparing stuff, and sneak out to the house. Woke her up, and then

partyS U R P R I S E . .party

She so supprised with all we gather, celebrate her. There’s a yummy blackforrest, a fried batagor, an ice cream, and martabak.. a whole night party..the guests come over, Ala’s sidekick,miss M and her fiance comes along and blend themselves in the party.

Party over at 12 am. Ala and miss M have and idea to put night longer than usual. We planned to catch a “Drag me to Hell” midnight flick. So we wrapped up, and go. Unfortunately, we missed the show, we’re late. We switch the plan to karaoke, coz the karaoke is just accross the theatre. We booked the room for two hour. So we sing a long till 2am past. It’s my first karaoke! The night continues, next a circle K coffee accompany us in a conversation. Till clock point at 3am. After drop my hunnybun at M place, i went home.

Great night, great party, great meals, my first karaoke, great coffee, great conversation, great hug , great love from daughter to her mom, great love from me to my sweetheart, thanks kiss