Old Folks’ Home

13 10 2008

Okay, im currently watching Ghost whisperer. In ep.3 tells Melinda‘s grandma being stayed and dies in old Folks’ Home (OFH). This scene brighten me, what if i manage my own OFH ? hmm, mad idea indeed for 24 old guy dreamin of his OFH.

Why someone should stay in OFH? Is just because their fam wouldn’t have em arround, bother em with “old people’s”, you know, their grumbles, health problem (urine or worse..), it may causing discomfort to the neighbourhood.

OFH in old folks mind is just another jail, hospital for sicks, a nightmare. They hate being there, hate being putted there.

Wellcome to Alikanesia, we have one of the best OFH arround. In our OFH, we would reject old folks who sent here by their family, we only accept they who come here by their own will. To build agood OFH, we must know why they dont wanna get there. Mostly coz of they wanna stay close to their family but not in the oposite. Because of they behaviours, they health condition, a family disability of taking care of them, etc family put em in OFH.

For you Old folks, we accept you with whatever your condition. As long they you stay with our stuffs, rules and facilities. Why you guys should stay with us? In Alikanesia OFH, you old folks can do anything you wants. We provide facilities for various activity. Let’s say painting, ceramics, gardening, cooking, and many more. There’s also a twice a week course about how being happy, motivations, religion, health. Did I mention about excercises, meditation, and health facility here it just great. We got clinics, dentist, even a barbershop and salon. And  its all free, include twice a day meal with as you choose menu and also advised menu from our nutrition and health experts with a today newspaper and magazines.

For your communication we have communication room, facilitated with 3.5G access thats allow u to video conference your family. Internet hotspot and also greeting card booth and postal service for they who wanna kept old way of communication.

We got store that sell your pintings and ceramics, gallery for you that dont wanna your loose your crafts or letting them became more expensive after u left em, ehehehehe.

Death is part of life. So, we provides priest, funeral planner, undertaker, coffin maker, florists,  even a lawyer to taking care of your heritage and anything you needs when the time is come.

hmm…I think thats i would say for now, thanks for your visit to our Old Folks Home. Sorry for bad languages. See ya next post.

All images are provided by veer royalty-free photography