Anak cerdas, Bangsa cerdas

SICERDAS Thats the tag line of my new project. Start working on it since mid 2005. This is my “first contact” with framework technology.

This website as a gateway for teachers, parents, students and consultant in order to open communication among em.

Common functionality of this site is, socialita tools (friends, student-teacher, student-parent), online health checking, discussion board, online shopping, news, articles, forum, Jabber powered chat, and many more.

Special functionality for students, they can interact each other in discussion board, compete in online quizzes and tryouts, consulting with real consultant in available schedules. Download able handout, or online studies, at your fingertips.

For teachers, they can upload their handout, articles, paper, journal, quizzes problem, build-up quizzes, or interact online in discussion board and chatting. Compete other teacher in most used problems in quiz, most favorite quizzes, and many more.

Consultant and parents also take part in this website. by consulting, experience sharing, and online interactions.

This website build on SiteManager (SM) PHP4 framework, MySQL R DBMS, Jabber technology, served with suitable design make SICERDAS two step ahead in Indonesia e-learning.

This application installed on VPN Network. But we have a testing ground at


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