Barista is not cofee maker!

After i tied up with SICERDAS or six month (eight months to be exactly), friend of mine offers a programmer position in his office. After an interview and salary negotiation 😛 i start work the since November 2005.

The office is Barista Mobile United

“The company” services is content provider (CP) for mobile devices and technology news media(G2G division). Has 7677 for its short number. “The company” itself quite new in the business. The CEO itself as an owner of another CP’s.

My task during in baristamobile, is to mantain and develop existing systems. The system itself consists of PHP scripting, SMS gateways, WEB and WAP application and mobile content such as WAP push, ring tones, pictures and themes (Nokia).

This is list of web/ wap application i developed/ maintained under barista

  • barsitamobile web
  • baristamobile wap
  • partners web
  • sms and income traffic web report
  • Mysql DBMS maintenance and optimization
  • (techy news)
  • 3G indosat website (as a partner)

So, not all Barista is a coffee maker isn’t it?

For more detailed products information, please read all pages under My portofolios


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