The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.g2glive.com/templates_new/blue/images/g2glive.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Basically G2Glive is a news tech and community portal with some additional features. Based on idea to build a spesific news portal (that haven’t exists in Indonesia). To avoid rights and trademarks issue, we’re very careful to decide whats services will G2G serves. G2G stands for Generations to Generations. It (was) had several division, manages different aspect of G2G. They were: IT development, e-magazines, design , and internet news content. The (basic) main features (were i developed) :

  • Categorized news
  • Headline news
  • Popular news
  • Recommended news
  • AJAX Rating system
  • Comment system
  • Member system
  • Point system
  • Site Stats
  • Online English to Indonesian, Indonesian to English word translator(AJAX too)
  • Multiple images on news with background loading process

The whole systems build on TBS template engine, open source database and open source server scripting. So no way you can sue me guys 😛 Every registered user gets 20 points for the registration action. and get points by reading news, post a comment, and other activities in G2G. The points stored and can be used for join G2G special features, mobile content downloading, etc. G2G still in development cycle, to fulfill readers want, develop features, and constant updates and maintainence. The extended features of G2Glive:

  • Battle
  • RSS
  • Editorial News

Note: I do build the administration too 😛

Here some snapshots

News Main Page Snapshot

News Detail Snapshot

Link to the website : www.g2glive.com


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