My future baby girl??

23 07 2008

I found a new site, it generate baby face from our and our partner photo.

All you have todo is signing up, activate your acount via e-mail, login and start making babies 😛

If you ended as a throwing target because your mates don’t wanna share her/ his photo, dont be worry, theres lot of actress and actors photos ready to use and make babies with u 😛

And one more thing. This site dosnt consider if u were GAY or STRAIGHT. U still can make baies with Bruce Willis, Jhonny Depp, Angelina Joie, and many moore.

I submitted photo of me and ala. And this is the result

She had my big jawbone, her’s big eyes and her’s BIG SMILE 😀 .

Nice algorithm ❗

But still, Innalillah wa innaillaihi raji’uun.Evething made by Allah, and wil be taken by Allah.