Naruto manga episode 364 new name appeared,,,Uchiha Madara

Uchiha madara is the founder of Uchiha clan. Heres some story aput uchiha, tengu and uchiha madara.

Sojobo, king of Tengu fall in love with a girl from Hyuuga clan, one of the oldest clan in Konoha. They married and give birth to a child named Uchiha Madara. The power from tengu itself was facinating, combine with inherited Kekkei Genkai from his mothe, Byakugan has evolved into more dreadful form-The Sharingan. This bloodlines has 2 level : Normal Sharingan and Mangekyou Sharingan. At level of shinobi He had developed 3 jutsus.

  • Tsukiyomi : God of Moon – Contol human minds and drive them insane. Full moon is usually related to going insane in urban legends. (Itachi used Tsukiyomi on Sasuke on a full moon night.)
  • Amaterasu : Goddess of the Sun – Our Sun is a huge fireball. Its matter can warp the spacetime around it that produces an effect which we call gravity (In fact all matter can warp the spacetime around it, to a certain extent). Although our Sun doesn’t have enough mass to form a blackhole, other more massive stars can, after their deaths (in a spectacular way called supernova explosion). Teleports things to another dimension by warping the spacetime, leaving a dark fire that will burn for 7 days and 7 nights to destroy the surroundings.
  • Susanoo : God of the Storm

Because of his bravery and almost unparalleled powers, Madara soon became a hero in his people’s eyes despite his young age. He became very close friends with Shodaime and together they took up the responsibility to protect the Konoha village they established. Madara founded the first police force in the Konoha and swore to protect his people with his life.

But good things do not last long. As Madara was about to reach his adulthood, Sojobo began to reveal his true intention. Sojobo didn’t marry the girl from Hyuuga out of love. He was only looking for a perfect body, a container (probably to achieve greater powers), and he figured the best way was to create one with his own blood. He was planning on taking over Madara’s body once he reached his adulthood. It didn’t take Uchiha Madara long to find out this appalling truth. He felt a mixture of shock and anger. He felt he was being used but he wasn’t going to give in such easily, at least not without a fight. But Madara knew only too well that no matter how strong he was he stood no chance against the King of Tengu. Out of desperation he sought for the legendary Bijuu—Kyuubi (the God of Fire).

Kyuubi was very impressed by Madara’s abilities. A secret pact was made and Kyuubi agreed to lend his power and chakra to Uchiha Madara. Soon Madara mastered the katon and he could even cast a dark fire that would burn for 7 days and 7 nights after performing the Amaterasu. But even with these newly gained powers and a huge supply of chakra from the Kyuubi, Uchiha Madara was only able to beat his demon father by a hair’s breadth. He couldn’t finish him once and for all but only managed to seal him up. However, the seal he used was a very special one. To break the seal it requires the Kyuubi’s chakra and also not one but 3 Uchiha members who can wield the Mangekyou Sharingan. Each MS user has to cast a different MS jutsu at the same time and when the 3 jutsus–Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu and Susanoo–combine, the great evil will be unleashed. It’s a tall order and Madara thought it would be enough to seal up the demon for eternity. But what Madara didn’t anticipate was that this seal itself would bring a bloody massacre upon his own clan many decades later…

Here I will derail a bit and talk about the relationship between Shodaime and Madara. When Shodai found out about the secret pact between Madara and Kyuubi he was enraged. He thought it was hunger for greater power that led his best friend to the Kyuubi. Madara didn’t explain to him either because he didn’t want anyone to know he was a half-demon. Conflicts began to appear between the two who were once close to each other. The intense hostility eventually resulted in a great battle at the Valley of the End. (You might think that I depicted Madara as too strong a character and therefore feel skeptical about Shodai being able to rival both MS and Kyuubi’s power at the same time. Well you better not forget that Shodai had the ability to suppress Kyuubi’s chakra and his darkness jutsu and suiton might be very good counter-moves to Madara’s Sharingan and katon respectively as well.)
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Complete story of Uchiha Madara can read it here

Next issues came from Tobi, one of Akatsuki member, replace former Sasori position in Akatsuki (and wearing his ring too). Tobi claim he had the true power of Uchiha Madara means he is in the bloodlines. Behind the hole as a center of his spiry pattern mask is Sharingan, we can assume it Mangekyou Sharingan. Now look at this :

Kakashi was gifted sharingan from Obito on his left eye, thats mean Obito has only right eye sharingan remain. And look carefully on Obito’s hair. Well U decide guys.. 😀 Ur comment will be just great..


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21 08 2007


21 08 2007

so tobi isnt obito

21 08 2007

And madara Might have been horribly scared from the Shodai fight leaving him to wear a mask tobi may have been a cover name

22 08 2007

madara isnt the Akatsuki leader. Some guy named Pein from the rain village is. and obito isnt tobi.

22 08 2007

I think the way it was worded in the translation of Tobi saying he had Madara’s power was that he was AFTER it.

Could be Obito gone bad trying to get the true power of the Sharingan (Madara’s).

Obito trying to get the power for the great good? Gave Pein a wrong explanation of his plans?

Tobi is a completely new character that recovered Obitios body and took out his remaining Sharingan?

Tobi is a completely new character being possesed by Madara?

Madara is infact Tobi?

26 08 2007

Tobi is so Obito. even their names are writen in reversed Kanji. If Tobi is not Obito, then how the hell do you explain the Kakashi’s possesion of mangekyou sharingan? I tmust be because Obito somehow managed to get mangekyou and because kakashi has obito’s eye he has it to :O

26 08 2007

@ Ace : Please look At Naruto Ch.363 – 364

Pein is talking to Tobi (which not shown in ch.363) he sez “AS THE LEADER FAILURE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. YOU CAPTURE HIM”. Well if Pein is the leader, why he is taking order from the member??


5 09 2007

dah ktinggalan jauh euy… ka aliii, ngupi² dunks.. trakir msh 280-an..
*nasib stlh pisahan ama tmn2 yg demen naruto jaman D3 baheula, hiks*

6 09 2007

man ga nya lengkap dari 0 sampe yg terakhir (g ding baru nyampe 365, blom update lagi..koming..i’m coming..hueheuehuehue) klo shippudennya kyknya telat 2 episode, krn ada launch The movie yg ke-4 nya shippudennya js agak tertunda.

6 09 2007

obito is tobi.
1# the hair is similar, 2# he has one eye , the other given to kakashi, it is also the right eye 3# Tobi also recovers from fatal blows in seconds,4# who else has that we no of has a sharingan that itachi didnt kill? and finally he has sum kinda stuff on his cloak where obito’s body was crushed.

7 09 2007

agree…kindly agree.. 🙂

10 09 2007

has anyone noticed his hair looks like narutos

10 09 2007

as a matter-o-fact the whole stance looks like naruto

11 09 2007

Where the heck did the whole Uchiha Madara thing get made up from?? I said that because he is mentioned about 5 times total in the manga, No background whatsoever. Tobi cant be obito because his entire body was crushed by more rocks. The two statues at the Valley of The End are the first and second hokages. They even say that in the anime, But everybody is allowed their opinion i guess.

11 09 2007

Another thing, Kakashi probably blamed himself for the death of obito, causing an unoticed change in his sharingan when the third tomoe activated. Thus he gained mangekyo sharingan. Tobi’s sharingan might or might not have Mangekyo sharingan activated or not. He might have even surpassed it, by having it given to him by uchiha madara. It will all be revealed soon.

17 09 2007

The statues in the valley of the end are not the 1st and second hokages. The anime is messed up, its the manga that is the original… it specifically states that uchiha madara and shodaime fought there. Toby could be madara because they do look alike. i think that toby was just madara posing as a member to watch sasuke as he battled deidara… he did mention that he was going to surpass itachi. connect the points. toby saw the match and he also mysteriously got up in seconds when sasuke cut him in half..(chapter 357, page 9) wiieerrdddd. btw tobi would not be obito because obito’s whole right side was crushed. only the left side survived where kakashi got that eye.. since in a technical way, kakashi’s friend was killed, the mangekyou sharingan was activated (maybe guild played a role on that.) post some questions so i may explain some more…

23 09 2007

so.. this is the top hits??

btw, The Moodmill feed is not working enough.
I mean… it just like regular text that you type manualy.
They dont give colorfull graph huh??

25 11 2007


25 11 2007
ur all dumb

ur dumb, the 2 statues in the vally, the one on the left is Madara uchia* soz bad spellin* other is the first hokage. read the manga and ul no >.< the kyubi( nine tails) talks to naruto how madara evil blood is simlars to sasukes.

26 11 2007
i love sasuke and sasuke is mine i love him with all my heart because i love sasuke!

aahhahah he looks ulgy put the mask back on!

12 12 2007
Need to Read this

hey, hey….
wait a second, I just read that uchiha madara is a leader of akatsuki. and the guy named “pain/pein” are two from there jiraiya’s pupil. one who has rinnegan named nagato, and another one who’s called pain, named yahiko.
But, jiraiya sure that yahiko doesn’t have rinnegan.

And, I have 1 question: Who tobi really are?

12 12 2007
Need to Read this

man, i’m sorry. . .
i’ve mistaken the word ‘there’ it should be three

13 12 2007

i called Tobi “The greatest mystery in Naruto”

4 02 2008
Reality check!

I think tobi is obito… tobi and obito… kinda similar right? and its a cartoon anything can happen…. so what if obito was crushed by rocks….

12 02 2008

each sharingan is unique for every uchiha’s we see Sasuke’s, Kakashi’s, itachi’s and Madara’s is different. Kakashi and Obito has the same shape of sharingan, there is possibility, Tobi took Obito’s sharingan or….Tobi is trully Obito

15 02 2008


8 03 2008

obito was crushed. tobi was not. since kakashi had sharingan he took the blame for obito being dead hence mangekyo sharingan

20 03 2008

Guys, madara is obito. its obvious. I mean at the beginning, the 9 tailed fox “appeared” out of nowhere. So, the only person who could have done that was madara uchia because he made the pact. And the mangekyo sharingan can send stuff through any dimensions and so he would have summoned the 9 tailed fox. And madara is obito cause “Pain” (yes its pain for all of you who said pein) takes orders from him and madara caused the 9 tailed fox to attack as a distraction to make the Akatsuki and he made pain the leader so that he can hide who he really is. Also, why would some1 like pain go out of his way to talk to obito if his just some idiotic person who plays around? (thats sarcasm and he only acts like an idiot so people would think his nothing special and they wouldnt suspect him as the leader and madara) thats a heck of a good plan and Madara plans to summon bijuu’s all over the world so that people would pay them to save their villages. After the bijuu’s have pretty much destroyed all Villages. they would be the last group of ninja and they would destroy all villages and dominate the naruto world.

7 04 2008

Alright first of all there’s no question Tobi at the very least has Obito’s body. Waaay to many similarities as outlined in this article. And remember, it is anime and anything can happen. Sasori turned himself into a puppet, and Hidan got his head cut of and still lived, who says they can’t reconstruct Obito’s body? My guess as to Madara’s involvement is that maybe Tobi is searching for his power, or Madara could be using Obito’s body as a container like his father wanted to do, or like Orochimaru does (but likely a much higher level technique). Seeing as Obito wasn’t alive when Jiraya taught Nagato/Pain and them, Tobi wouldn’t be the leader of Akatuski up front or even behind the scenes if he was just Obito and Madara wasn’t involved, so it’s more likely that Madara is using Obito as a container. That’s my prediction anyways.

9 04 2008

well i like all of ur comments XD

18 04 2008

If anyone read ch397 in the manga, they know tobi is madara. Tobi says on page 16 quote: “It was me. Uchiha Madara.” Can’t get more definite than that.

18 04 2008

yes, but the question remain
“is Tobi Obito???”””

21 04 2008


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